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PWD Reevaluates Degree of Emergency Drought Regulations

Palmdale, CA- The State Water Resources Control Board extended its existing water conservation mandate that prohibits wasteful practices. On the same note, they recognized the improved water conditions throughout the state but concluded that the significant momentum that was attained by California water users over the last five years should not be abandoned for one above-average rainfall year.

Given the Emergency Drought Regulations, Palmdale Water District has been under mandatory conservation orders since May, 2015. Due to the abundant water supply available from the State Water Project this year and improved local conditions, the District can demonstrate that there is enough available water to withstand an additional three dry years.

Since the State’s Board decided to prolong its regulations, the Palmdale Water District is revaluating and hoping to lessen the mandatory drought measures for our customers. On February 22, the District’s Board will vote on a resolution to dispose of the “drought fee” that was put in place two years ago as part of the mandatory water conservation measures. This would not be the first time the District has eased the restrictions. Last July the District relaxed the day restrictions on outdoor watering and removed the $50 fine for first time violations and made it a warning. The District will still enforce water wasting habits such as spraying down sidewalks with water hoses and continue to prohibit the use of sprinklers for 48 hours after measurable rainfall.

We value and thank our customers for their superb efforts to conserve water during a difficult drought period.

As always we encourage our customers to continue to use water efficiently now and in the future. The District supports beneficial use of water and will demonstrate and encourage efficiency through locally-based projects that will implement innovative technology that will allow us to replenish groundwater supplies and save for the future. As a community we will continue to benefit from local water supplies by minimizing Palmdale’s reliance on outside sources.

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