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Press Release- Back to the Future: Lake Palmdale Wind Turbine gets Rejuvenated

Palmdale, CA – The iconic Lake Palmdale Wind Turbine, presiding over the entrance to the Antelope Valley, is having a day at the spa. Now 12.5 years old, the landmark is being introduced to the “fountain of youth” and will undergo a much needed therapeutic enhancement. Ball bearings, motors, and the generator are all being refurbished from the years of wear-and-tear due to the tireless work of creating electricity.

Since its establishment in 2004, the Palmdale Lake Wind Turbine has been producing 950kW of clean energy that supplies enough power to the state-of-the-art, Leslie O. Carter Water Treatment Plant, to cut annual energy costs in half. The upgrades will optimize the conversion of kinetic energy into usable, eco-friendly, electricity.

“The PWD is constantly searching for methods to reduce overhead costs so we can pass that savings onto our customers, said Mynor Masaya,” operations manager for the Palmdale Water District. “Not only does the turbine produce free energy, it also showcases the progressive management of District finances.”

The original cost of the turbine was $2 million but with assistance from the State of California, the price tag dropped to $1 million. The installation of this renewable energy source, has already paid for itself in cost savings, and demonstrates the commitment to locally producing utility products such as electricity, and water.

“The foresight of previous Boards to build a wind turbine has afforded the community not just a cost savings tool, but represents the innovation needed to ensure longevity regarding energy production and clean air,” said Dennis LaMoreaux, general manager, of the Palmdale Water District. “The District is currently working to implement other projects that will keep the production of resources locally, while continuing to preserve low water rates.”

The maintenance will take approximately 6 weeks but will upgrade the mechanics of the turbine to operate more efficiently. For more information on PWD energy costs and finances, please visit our website at


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