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Important Notice to Homebanking Customers

PALMDALE, CA, May 18, 2011 – The Palmdale Water District has an important notice for its customers…The Palmdale Water District does accept check payments received by U.S. mail, as long as the original billing statement stub is included with the check payment.

Effective June 1, 2011, the District will no longer accept check only (no payment stub enclosed with check) payments issued through your banks’ home banking service for your Water Service bill.

The Palmdale Water District’s new website offers you new methods of payments. You have the option to enroll online to receive your bill by e-mail or you may elect to continue to receive a hard copy of your bill sent by U.S. Mail. Our new website can be used just like your banks website, you can set up to pay your bill by ACH check or you pay your bill using a debit/credit card. Once the method of payment has been set up you can also elect to set up the automatic payment feature. The benefits… you improve on your personal homebanking service (which does not enclose a payment stub with remittance) and the District does not charge you a fee to use the website, it’s free!

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