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Palmdale Water District Corrects Statement Made by Mayor Jim Ledford

PALMDALE, CA November 2, 2011 Palmdale Water District would like to correct certain misstatements being made by Mayor Ledford with respect to the District’s water rates. In particular, in the November 2 edition of the Antelope Valley Press, Mayor Ledford stated the District’s rate restructuring that was approved in May 2009 resulted in a “$3 million unnecessary overcharge” to the city.

The figure which Mayor Ledford states is completely unsubstantiated and does not conform to the District’s billing records. The District is in the process of calculating the credits to which the city and any other customer is entitled under the Court of Appeal’s decision. However, the preliminary calculations reveal the amount which the city was allegedly “overcharged” will be significantly less than asserted by Mayor Ledford. Besides, the city, like all other customers entitled to credits, has already begun receiving those credits on its water bills and will continue to receive those credits in the coming months.

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