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Palmdale Water District presents “Cash for Grass” customers checks and appreciation certifications

PALMDALE, CA July 28, 2011- Palmdale Water District customers were presented with rebate checks and certificates of appreciation from Palmdale Water District for converting their yards into water wise landscapes through the District’s “Cash for Grass” program.

At the Board meeting, Directors; Jeff Storm, Linda Godin, Steve Cordova, Raul Figueroa, and President Gordon Dexter congratulated customers Steve Chisolm, who was at the meeting to receive his certification and check, Realino Martinez, Alma Johnson, and Jean Collier for completing the “Cash for Grass” program. “Conserving water is top priority and it looks like the “Cash for Grass” program is going strong and steady. We are proud that so many of our customers are joining us in this vital activity. To date, one hundred and thirty two customers have signed up for the “Cash for Grass” program,” announced President Gordon Dexter.

Palmdale Water District has been a leader in conservation programs for over 20 years.

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