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Palmdale Water District has a number of policies pertaining to use of water in the Antelope Valley. Here we present two of the most important for your review. View more information on resolutions passed by the board.

Waste of Water Policy
Adopted October 11, 2017.

California law prohibits the waste or unreasonable use of water and requires that the District take all appropriate actions to prevent such waste and unreasonable use of the finite resource. Despite its conservation efforts, including its campaign to encourage conservation by consumers, the District has been made aware of certain activities including 1) over-irrigation, 2) misuse of water in cleaning of paved surfaces, and 3) waste resulting from inefficient and leaking plumbing fixtures, all of which result in runoff or waste of water. View our complete Waste of Water policy.

Report Water Waste
If you have noticed water being wasted in our community, please let us know. Call the District’s Water Waste Hotline at 661-456-1099 to report the water waste.

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